Aug 27, 2014

Update from Maddie Louise

Today Maddie asked if she could post the update.  She looked at me with those big Maddie eyes and said "Come on Mommie E, after all it's National Dog Day". 
So here goes, from Maddie Louise. 

Most of you know by now,  I am a Welsh Corgi female, almost nine years old.  Just saying "almost" because my birthday is September 8th. Just saying, only a few days away.

Mommie E will for sure be sending out the yearly birthday photo update.  Hopefully she wont put a bow or hat on my head.  Sometimes I just have to be OK with silly rituals like "dressing up the dogs."  I am thankful that we don't have too many outfits like other dogs we know. I like my red Barn Jacket, especially on cold cold days.

Back to why today is such a great day.  I think Mommie said today is Wednesday, not really sure what that means. In dog time we don't have days, we have time and lots of time. 
I do know that on this Wet nes day, Martin is the teacher in Mommie's gym class in the pool and she likes to go when Martin is the teacher.  She tells this to Tia Ana on the phone, I've heard her several times.

I know  Mommie E likes the pool just as much as I do, it makes us both very happy to get in, to get wet like a fish and swim, swim, swim.   Usually when she gets to swim at the gym in the morning, then Morgan and I get pool time in the backyard in the afternoon. She waits until the bright sun is covering the entire patio.  Usually it is very warm and we like it this way.

I love the time we get in the plastic blue pool.  I get very excited and bark, bark, bark as Mommie gets the pool ready.  As Mommie  walks to that metal thing on the side of the house that she turns that magically makes the water come out.  The water comes from the long skinny green rubber tube.

My favorite part of the playtime is the pool fountain.  
Mommie hooks up the green rubber thing to a yellow fountain, she calls it a wrinkler or springler not sure. I love the yellow color and I love that it makes water go up in the air and I can play and bite the water as much as I want.  I play and play and play. I have a game, I always want to get the fountain away from the long green tube.  I try and try.  I get tired after so many tries. 

The fountain toy will only come apart when Mommie E comes over and disconnects so she can water the plants. Usually my pool is almost full by then and I can still jump in an out, I can walk around in a circle and stick my head under the water,  it is so much fun.  I wish Morgan liked the water more. I think she is afraid. Morgan, my tomboy sister afraid of 4 inches of water in a plastic pool. You would never know this unless I told you.

Mommie E throws the tennis ball in the pool which Morgan will jump in the pool to get.  Or when it is really really really hot, Morgan will come in the pool and walk around with me.

The best part, the best best part, after the plants get watered, Mommie E will chase us with water around the patio. We run fast, but she always catches us and gets us all wet with the long green skinny green tube. The water comes out fast, not fancy like the fountain drops.  Morgan and I have a secret, we love the last part of pool time the best.  Running, running, barking, and water chasing us like Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner.

This play time usually last about 30 or 40 minutes and then we are tired and ready to go in.  But we always have to do one more thing.  We help Mommie move the water from the pool to the plants. She told us she does not like to waste the water, so she empties the pool with a container and makes sure all the plants have plenty of water.   This time also helps us get a bit rested from the play, play, play.

Next we play hide and seek from Mommie E cause she comes out with a big towel to dry us.  Even though we like to be dry, we don't like the big towel around us.  It kind of feels like the cape of a matador and you know what that means.  We know Mommie E would never hurts us, but we still don't like the towel routine.  It's been that way since we were pups.

On days like today,  we are very hungry after pool time and we usually get a celery snack.  We then wait patiently until our dinner time, usually when that man Jake is on a channel with two N's.  It sounds like Sea en en - or something like that. He tells lots of stories, but never about dogs.  It makes me sad, so many stories about bad people doing horrible things. That man Jake never has any good stories about dogs.

And for sure on days like today, after an hour of pool time my bed time is promptly at 9pm and Mommie E says I usually snore when I am very tired. I asked her to record me on that rectangle thing she holds in her hand and moves from room to room in the house.  Its the same thing she takes pictures with.  
Sometimes when Uncle Toby calls we bark into the rectangle machine and Tio Toby will bark back. He is so much fun. We actually get bark mail messages from him. In bark, really.   And we know just what he is saying.  He is such a cool Uncle, we love you Uncle Tobias.

I hope that your dog or the dogs you know from family and friends get to have fun play time like we do.  I dont know how I came to love water so much, my Mommie always tells people I am part fish and I am OK with that. 

I like writing this update, maybe in the future I can do more. Hope your Wet nes day is great ! !