Aug 4, 2014


For many many years, I was not a fan of Mondays. 

Over the past several months, Mondays have begun to take on a whole new persona, I actually like the beginning of the week. Mondays are now an open door to continue working on projects or start new ones, or the day I make plans for appointments or things than need to be done during the week.  

People ask me from time to time what I do all the day ?  

And certainly not all days are the same, but I am never at a loss for activities, reading, chores, projects, swimming and of course loving and caring for Maddie and Morgan !  

So before I forget all the things I did today I am going to list them in order of how the day progressed. 

Monday 6:30am 
Up with Maddie and Morgan, the routine: they always go out first and do their business. Sometimes it takes longer than others because of a bird or something they think they see which they then have to investigate and/or hunt.  And Maddie always has to wait for Morgan to do her business so she can come over to the "exact" spot and mark the territory as hers.  It's been like this for the nine years they've been housemates. 

Maddie and Morgan then get their breakfast and I make cappuccinos.  Maddie and Morgan get a tiny bit of foam from the coffees, there is a routine everyday, for them its like dessert, they love the milk foam. 

Maddie then has to go back outside to really do her business, she is "special" and wants 2 outings each morning.  

Took the trash bin out to the curb for pick up. 

Once the girls were taken care of and settling in for their morning rest, I watched the tail end of the WSBTV news, I wanted to confirm if Dekalb County was starting school today, I was glad they are not. One more week of light traffic, next week we will have the parade of the big yellow buses going up and down Winters Chapel.  

I checked email for about 20 or 30 minutes.  Went back to kitchen made another round of cappuccinos and started a load of laundry. 

I went to a tire shop to have a TPMS warning on my dashboard checked, (Tire Pressure Message System or Sensor). Tires are OK, one of the sensors is not working so the warning will display until I replace. 

Went to Lowes to get Pine Straw for the backyard and to research dishwashers. 

Went to store to get supplies for the daily Spinach Smoothies: Spinach, Mint, Pickled Ginger, Pineapple and Yogurt. I love these shakes, the taste and flavor of the mint and ginger always competing and always making the smoothie taste different depending on how much I add of each ingredient. 

Back Home 
I took the girls outside, played ball with Morgan for about 10 - 15 minutes. 

I had a salad for lunch. 

I watched the mid day news. 

I finished reading a book, The Writing Life.

Spoke to one of my neighbors, Nancy, she wants me to help her figure out the best way to write a will, health directive, etc. We're going to meet on WED afternoon. 

Wrote a closing letter for HOA, one of the neighbors is selling his house, I am the Winterhaven HOA treasurer. 

Checked current exhibits at the High Museum. 

I got ready for a class I am starting tomorrow.  I have to drive to downtown ATL area, I need directions and I needed to be sure I have a notebook, pens, the class outline, etc. 

Marcus Center 
Went to Marcus Center and swam for 35 minutes. Today it was me and Nicholas in the pool, it was nice.  I swam in the outdoor pool, the sun was perfect. 

Back Home 
Came home and Maddie and Morgan got their turn to swim in the plastic pool out back. 

I spread the pine straw in the backyard and on the side of the house. 

I emptied the dishwasher, did another load of laundry and now I am getting ready to grill a flank steak for dinner. 

Got the mail and will check email before end of the day. 

Will play with Maddie and Morgan out back and will take them out before they go to bed around 9pm. 

Morgan enjoying her Monday morning !