Aug 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Panama Canal


  First earth broken by French January 1, 1880

  Active work started by the French January 20, 1882

  Canal Zone acquired by U.S. from Panama by treaty February 23, 1904

  Amount United States paid Panama for Canal Zone $10,000,000

  Rental paid by U.S. to Panama beginning in 1913 per annum $250,000

  First ship through the Canal September 26, 1913

  Date of official opening August 15, 1914

  Date of Jimmy Carter, Panama Canal Treaty, September 7, 1977

  Name of first official ship S.S. Ancon

  A boat traveling from New York to San Francisco saves 7,872 miles by using the Panama Canal instead of going around Cape Horn.

  Length of Canal from Atlantic to Pacific 51 miles

  Width of the Canal Zone 10 miles

  Time to transit Canal 8-10 hours

  Number of ships crossing daily 40

  Number of ships crossing each year 12-15 thousand

  The lowest toll paid was US$ 0.36 and was paid by Richard Halliburton who crossed the Canal swimming in 1928

  Estimated cost of the Panama Canal built by U.S. $375,000,000

  Toll charge for Disney Magic cruise ship in 2008 $313,200

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