Aug 2, 2014

A visit to the Farm

Yesterday I visited with a dear friend who lives and works on a farm about 30 miles north the area where I live in Atlanta. The combination of friendship, nature, farm animals, wide open spaces and fresh oxygen simply wonderful ! 

Everytime I visit the farm I get a tour and update on what is going on with managing, growing and caring for the animals, the pastures, the crops, the farm infrastructure; it is a life lesson I dearly appreciate because it's raw, honest, daily and it requires so much, especially love and passion.  

You can't fake a farm, you can't turn it off and come back the next morning, Saturday and Sundays are not different than the days we all know as Monday through Friday. 

I have memories of a farm environment from my childhood in Panama, but the effort I knew then was markedly different. For my Grandpa Rogelio, the Linda Vista finca in Arraijan was a hobby, a distraction, something he dabbled in because he indeed lived in the country. 

When you are 10 years old and you get to milk the goats with Grandpa you don't think about anything else other than the event being an adventure. Wearing the big black rubber boots was like a ride at Disneyland, new, fun, exciting and different.  The daily life at the finca so very different than the life in Panama City. Yesterday I entertained many of  those wonderful childhood memories. 

Stepping on the land of Alfredo and Julie's farm is always an invitation for me to recognize, celebrate and appreciate all the good that envelopes caring for and nurturing life and what sustains us.  

And as always I was taking mental notes and pictures, I asked Alfredo lots of questions about the well, the timing of the crops, how fast they grow. We had an interesting discussion about how to best take down an old barn. 

It was a wonderful visit, I love the experience of experience, especially when the time is shared with a dear friend.  Alfredo I met back in 1996 when Cox opened up a new call center in San Diego, so almost 20 years. 

When I got home,  the observations in my head from the 2 hour visit, grew into The Farm This Past Friday, below. 

The Farm This Past Friday  

The fields are welcome green, Green Giant green
the color almost postcard

The sections of pasture with uneven haircuts
A portrait of the self-serve harvest

The collective of hungry goats, sheep and cows
filling themselves with the shiny ballerina blades

The new and old barn, like distant relatives
Forced to get along, until one day, one is gone

The century coops, will soon make way
For mobile chicken trucks, who knew ?

All the while the chickens keep on being chickens
Their specific eggs a golden delight !

The new well a marvel mechanic
An “on call” river, delivering moisture on command

The happy corn racing to grow while the specialty tomatoes
will soon reign monarch over the subject squash

Everywhere the reminder of labor calling
The curtain call of sunrise never far from
the wholesome country farm.