Aug 11, 2014

A Coconut Monday

I love coconut, my earliest memory of this wonderful treat, Grandma Chichi's coconut rice at the Linda Vista finca in Arraijan.  If I could only have one food on a deserted island, it would be hands down - Grandma's Chichi's Coconut Rice. 

When people say,  "Oh I don't like coconut", I am sad for them.  I think of all the things they're missing out on, coconut rice, coconut cake, fresh coconut, coconut macaroons, coconut cream pie, coconut chicken soup from Simply Thai, coconut ice cream and so much more. Even virgin coconut or at least that is what the package says. 

I get the virgin coconut at Your Dekalb Farmer's Market in a clear plastic container, much like a container with margarine or sour cream, the round ones with the tight fitting lid.  I found this sweet, cream like, coconut concoction long ago when visiting YDFM and decided to try it in the cold, cold winters of Atlanta.  

Now it is a must after swimming. I use it like cream and put it all over my body to get rid of the eau du chlorine smell I inherit from the Marcus gym pool. Morgan especially loves it, she follows me around the house and licks my legs after I lather it on.  I recommend this highly, it dries on your skin fairly quickly,   its wonderful. 

If you live in Atlanta and have not been to Your Dekalb Farmers Market, you need to go. It's going on 30 + years, started by a man named Robert Blazer, he still runs the business with his wife Barbara.  

It is a one of a kind market, they have everything. The produce section takes you around the world, they have fruits and vegetables you've never seen before, 14 or 15 different kinds of lettuce alone. 

They have tanks with live lobster, catfish, blue crabs. 

They make their own pasta, desserts, breads. They have a beer and wine section, they also have a cafeteria. Saturday by 11am, there was a line inside the store.    

The fresh flowers is one of the best selections in Atlanta and everything is reasonably priced.  The downside of this market, if you don't go early, it is CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY. They also don't take credit cards.  

Every time my Dad visited Atlanta, we always made a trip to the market early, he loved spending time in all the sections. It is open everyday from 9am to 9pm, never closed for holidays.  

And I almost forgot, the store is very cold, something like 68 degrees, so no matter when you're shopping take a sweatshirt or light jacket.