Jul 30, 2014

The Afghan Girl


Steve McCurry 

The link to Steve McCurry's Wordpress blog was part of the DailyGood.org email update today. One of the reasons I subscribe to their daily posts, they always share wonderful, uplifting stories, essays, interviews, videos, etc. 

If you have any interest in the world, in amazing photography, in the power of nature, the human connections, in eyes being windows to the soul, book mark the url below or click on the link below and enjoy his amazing body of work. 


Power of Place: Photos From Around the World

Steve Mccury captures the beauty and uniqueness of different places that the human family calls home from around the planet. His photos bring to light that our environments play a role in shaping our perceptions about what it means to be human--from our relationship to the weather to our relationship to the soul.