Jul 1, 2014


Snow on patio table 

Morgan through the shutters 

iPad Tablet 

King and Queen Buildings in Atlanta 

Patterns can be many things to many people: design, sequence, order, repetition, consistent chaos, silence, involuntary breaths, necessary heartbeats. 

I love patterns, they keep me sane. Some argue that patterns are boring because they are repetitious and predictable. Would you rather be bored or confused, bored or troubled, bored or anxious ? 

Details become patterns and patterns lead to structure and this eventually supports and favors ORDER. Details and repetition also invite discovery.  I am wired this way.  My need for ration and order woven into my life via my parents DNA. 

Over the years  my need for order and predictability has many a times gotten me in trouble, but never enough trouble to outweigh the life long benefits I've experienced. 

I have a folder in my iPhoto program called PATTERNS, I've saved hundreds and hundreds of pictures that I've taken all related to patterns. I started this a few years back when I took a photography class at Showcase Camera and one of our composition assignments, photograph patterns for a week.  

I was hooked. I happened to go to Austin,Texas during the week of this assignment, a few of my favorites below:

Not all patterns are in order, or orderly, or make sense. Many times patterns challenge and frustrate and their in lies the added beauty or benefit for sticking with the visual or image.

Whatever your preference, stop for a bit, challenge yourself to see what you are not seeing, take time to consider what 2 days ago, 2 weeks ago, you did not contemplate. 

Open doors that perhaps you wouldn't open, go to the museum that you know is calling your name, go to the front area of where you live or work and identify 2 or 3 patterns not seen before and appreciate them. Invite them into your psyche for a bit. 

Or if you are like me, accept the subtle invitations of chaos, appreciate random order, notice the beauty in traffic jams or the crowded check out lines at the Buford Farmers Market. 

Whatever your DNA prescribes, challenge your heart and mind to experience the opposite. I have often been surprised and delighted.