Jul 1, 2014


Looking forward to PANAMA.

Over the years when I've visited Panama, before my DAD passed, I would always get request for interesting items to bring to Panama. One day I will share the complete list. Items like car parts, red Kool Aid for my brother, Roger, medications, vitamins, special socks for improved circulation and more.

The most precious item I hand carried, my Mother's ashes. Both of my parents ashes are resting in the beautiful church in Panama City, the Santuario Nacional. 

Today I packed my Dad's original hard case leather medical bag with the medical instruments he used back in early 1960 when he made house calls in Panama. There is a ledger in the bag (looks like an old fashioned check book) with names and dates of people he visited. I am taking back to Panama so Roger can save for his children, JoAnn and Roger IV, to one day to have.  I will take a photo of it when I get to Panama and post.