Jul 3, 2014

Panama Day 2

I am back in business with Roger's iPad. Rogelio Cuatro as we call him, he is a 4th generation Rogelio A. Arosemena

Visiting Panama always has the emotional tug and pull at my heart. Roger and Mari live in the same building my Dad lived in when he retired here in 1995. It is in La Cresta the same area of Panama where we lived when we moved from the Canal Zone to Panama City in the early 60's.

Every morning I walk by the building we used to live in when I was 5 and 6 years old. Many of the houses are still the same with the age and upgrades of 50 plus years, there are also new buildings and new houses. The home of the US Ambassador to Panama is right across the street. Roger's home is on the 10th floor of a building called Torre La Cresta, it is high up on a hill of Panama overlooking the bay of Panama and the entrance to the Panama Canal on the Pacific side. The views at night are splendid, you can see all of Panama City sparkling, you can also see the ships doting the horizon waiting for their turn to transit the canal.

Everyday I wake up at 6am to see my nephews off to school, Juan Carlos and Roger. Both are juniors in high school. They are step brothers, both as different as night and day, one eats Corn Flakes, the other Trix. One takes 30 minutes to get ready, the other 1 hour, the list is endless. They love each other very much and it is wonderful to spend time with them. Jaime, is currently attending university in Boston. JoAnn will be going to college in New York starting in August. How fast they grow up.

I brought all the digital copy of all the baby video footage Roger captured of his children and we've been having a wonderful time watching JoAnn and Roger baby movies. Their Grandpa Rogelio is in many of the moments captured and both JoAnn and Roger have enjoyed seeing their Grandpa.

Yesterday Mari took JoAnn and myself to lunch at Sushi Market. JoAnn and I then spent the afternoon discussing the art portfolio she submitted to the colleges and universities that she applied to. I am always interested in the context of how she arrives at her ideas, her creations, the medium, the objective, the intent, overall how the creative process works in her heart and mind.

Today we are having lunch with Tia Laura de Alba and her daughter, Eugenia, at the Union Club. Tomorrow we are going to visit with my Dad's brother, Uncle Dick and Aunt Julie.

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