Jul 5, 2014

Invest in Memories

Everyday on this visit to Panama I am especially investing in memories.

Friday Roger and Mari and I went to visit my Dad's brother, Ricardo Arosemena and his wife of 60 years, Julieta. We've always know them as Tio Dick and Tia Julie. Danny, their grandson, was also with us. It was a splendid 3 plus hours. My uncle of course reminds me of my Dad, his mannerisms, how fast they speak, the way they laugh.

Uncle Dick is two years younger than my Dad, he is now 86 years old. He was an Engineer, worked for the United Nations for most of his career, building hydro electric dams all over the world. He and his family like ours, left Panama when his children were young, they lived in Mexico City for many years. Uncle Dick came back to Panama when he retired from the United Nations. Two of his children live in Panama and two in Houston, Texas. They have 11 grandchildren.

In the late afternoon we watched the Brazil/Colombia futbol match at Roger's house. With both Colombia and Costa Rica this far into the second round, there is lots of interest and energy in Panama about the soccer matches for the world cup.

In the evening I spent time with Juan Carlos working on a big school project he has due next week in his French Class. Since we are all going to the debutants event this evening, he wanted to make sure he could work on his project. Juan Carlos is a junior, he is always at the top of his class. He plans to study finance or economics in college, along with political science. He is very smart and loves to learn.

We also watched the video footage of little Roger and JoAnn when they were babies. It is so much fun to see the reaction of them watching themselves as babies.

This morning my nephew, Roger, was up early at 6:30am. He said he was hungry, so I went to the kitchen with him and he made me a delicious cappuccino. He is excited about this evening, we discussed all the things that are going to happen later today.

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