Jul 25, 2014

Friday Poetry

For the rest of my life, the image of sunflowers will forever be a reminder of the fields of yellow in Eastern Ukraine which became the backdrop for the horror, tragedy and crime of Malaysian Airlines, Flight 17.  

I know this is not the first, nor will it be the last event of this kind. The type of event that brings home a difficult truth about the fracture and divide of the "collective human" decency. 

Van Gogh Sunflowers 

Ode to some yellow flowers 

By Pablo Neruda
rolling it’s blues against another blue,
the sea, & against the sky
some yellow flowers.

october is on the way.

and although
the sea may be well important, with its unfolding
myths, it’s purpose & it’s risings
when the gold of a single plant
in the sand
we are bound
to the soil.
They flee the wide sea & it’s headings.

We are dust & to dust return.
in the end we’re
neither air, or fire, or water,
neither more nor less, just dirt,
& maybe
some yellow flowers.