Jul 24, 2014

Desks on their way to Ghana

Florian Bernhart is a Mawuvio's volunteer and supporter extraordinaire.  
When he visited Ghana in 2012 and volunteered at MOP, Flo fell in love with the children and the overall mission of Mawuvio's.  He has volunteered as a teacher at the school twice and has been instrumental in getting financial support over the past 2 + years from his family, friends, colleagues and church in Austria. 

This spring, Flo secured a significant donation of school desks and chairs from his high school back home. Because of the ongoing support and interest of Mawuvio's in Austria, a few months ago Flo translated the MOP website to German and he is the primary contact in Austria for Mawuvio's. 

Flo along with family and friends filled a 40 foot container that is headed from Austria, (via Hamburg, Germany) to the port of Tema, just outside the city of Accra, Ghana. In addition to the desks, many items were donated, primarily clothing and school and office supplies. 

The container is due to arrive in Ghana the week of August 18th.  THANKS TO FLO AND EVERYONE IN AUSTRIA who is supporting Mawuvio's.

Items that MOP needs to complete getting the school ready for the 2014/2015 academic school year which starts in September 2014:

 office equipment
 kitchen equipment
 audio visual equipment

If you know anyone interested in supporting the final stretch to get the school 100% ready, send an email to elena1025@comcast.net.  All of these items can be purchased in Accra, MOP needs funding. 

I have the opportunity to meet Flo in person in September. Flo will be in Ghana for most of September helping out with the new school.  This time he is traveling to Ghana with his brother, Lukas and their friend, Jasmin.