Jun 26, 2014

The Survey Says…...

(L to R) Rogelio, Elena, JoAnn, Juan Carlos, Jaime
 September 2008 
I surveyed my niece and nephews in January 2013 with the questions and/or choices below. For the record, I told them I would also include my answers. 

JoAnn ~  July 21
Jaime ~ June 8 
Rogelio IV ~ May 31 
Juan Carlos ~ October 7
Elena ~ October 24

Favorite Movie 
Jo ~  Quemar Las Naves by Francisco Franco 
Ja ~  Lion King 
Ro ~ The Pick of Destiny 
Ja ~  Mama Mia 
El ~  The English Patient 

Favorite Song  
Jo:   I love It by Icona Pop
Ja:   Rolling Stone by Dada Life 
Ro:  Same as Above 
Ju:   Skyfall by Adele 
El:    We will Rock You by Queen 

Favorite Sushi Restaurant in Panama City 
JO:   Matsuei
JA:   Sake 
RO:  Don't like Sushi, Pizza Brava
JU:   Sushi Express 
EL:   Matsuei 

If you could travel anywhere today, where and why 
Nepal, there's  much to learn from the cultures that live there, mostly about interior happiness and growth, these are their ways of life and I'd like to see  learn and understand them. 

Egypt, I've wanted to see the pyramids of Giza.

Italy because of the history and art. 

Juan Carlos 
Disneyworld, - Although I've been there before, I love to ride roller coasters and I feel Disney is an extraordinary place. 

Jordan so I could visit the lost city of Petra. 

Sugar or Salt 
JoAnn, Honey 
Jaime, Salt 
Rogelio, Sugar 
Juan Carlos, Sugar 
Elena, Salt 

Sun or Moon 
Jo: Moon 
Ja: Sun 
Ro: Moon
Ju: Sun 
El: Moon

What do you wish everyone in the world could do and/or understand

I wish that everyone in the world could read and eat.  I wish that everyone could understand that we should look for ways to improve our society instead of accepting things they way they are. Because something has been in place for a long time, does not mean it is the best way.

Understand the powers of the human spirit and motivation and that you can go anywhere with these two. 

That music should be free and people should only be charged for concerts. People should also understand that giving a "LIKE" on Facebook won't actually help children in need, you have to do more than that. 

Juan Carlos: 
I would like everyone in the world to appreciate all the things they have in their lives right now. 

I wish everyone in the world, everyone, regular people, parents, pastors, celebrities, presidents, leaders of all countries, I wish everyone could make an agreement to never hurt children. 

Favorite iPhone Application 
Jo: The Merriam Webster's Dictionary
Ja:  Instagram
Ro: Pitfall 10 
Ju:  Instagram 
El:  Flashlight 

What do you like most about Panama
The proximity of the ocean to green spaces and the different people from all over the world


Cultural and family traditions

Juan Carlos:

The wonderful memories I have of Panama during the first 12 years of my life. 

These are more recent photos of my dear niece, JoAnn and wonderful nephews, Juan Carlos, Jaime and Rogelio IV. 

I love you all very much ! 

Rogelio Augusto IV 

Juan Carlos 

JoAnn Catherine