Jun 29, 2014

@ The Shell Station ~

Maddie and Morgan and Cheesy the Duck 

Yesterday in the mid afternoon, I went to the Shell Station about 2 minutes down the road from where I live, I needed gas and a bag of ice. I took Maddie and Morgan with me, they love to ride in the car.  When I got to the station I filled up the tank, I then got in the car and moved to a parking space right in front of the gas station store. The tinted double wide glass doors to the store propped open with door stops.  

Before getting out of the car I raised the windows just a tiny bit, maybe 1/4 of the way to prevent Maddie and Morgan from being able to jump out of the car. Probably not likely, but it can happen.  I was in a car once when a dog jumped out of the window at the intersection of Piedmont and Peachtree - that's another story. It was scary, but no one got hurt. We were at a long long red light and were able to get the dog back in the car in no time. And for the record this was many years before Maddie and Morgan. 

Back to the Shell Station: I knew I was going to be in the store less than 2 or 3 minutes to pay for the bag of ice and that I would be able to see Maddie and Morgan during the entire transaction.  When I got out of the car I saw that several people were looking at me, with the WHAT IS SHE DOING KIND OF LOOKS ? I thought self, Go in the store, pay for the ice, get the ice bag and go home.  

And then I remembered that most people in greater Atlanta know about the little boy, Cooper, 22 months old, that was cooked in his Father's car this past week, while DAD went to work and forgot to drop his son at daycare.  The youngster died in the car from heat exposure.  It is a horrible, tragic, sad, event and it has been on every newscast on every Atlanta station and also made the rounds on national news and for sure on all the HLN shows. The boy's funeral was yesterday and that DAD has his first court appearance July 3rd.  

I told Maddie and Morgan on the way home how much I love them and reassured them that I would never put them in harms way. So much can happen in life everyday, so much.  The Father's claim, he forgot his son was in the car. Today there is breaking news that the Mother is also being investigated. I don't know how something like this can happen; certainly everyone has their own pair of shoes to walk in, good and bad. 

I don't have children, if I did I am sure I would have been a over protective Mother, I'm this way many times with Maddie and Morgan. Overtime and with life lessons, I'm sure I would have learned what the children in Ghana have taught me: the resilience of the human spirit is remarkable and that true joy comes from the heart and not from comfort and abundance. 

And certainly that it's OK to fall down and scrape a knee, or to not have a well crafted plan for the day, or to be silly and have fun beyond the allotted time. It's OK  to not have all the answers, or to have forgotten to do your homework. It's  OK to be interested in the what the teacher in Class 3 is doing vs. what your teacher is doing, or to be so hungry that you want all your classmates to share their rice. It's OK to pray for breeze because it is so hot on the porch. It's Ok to have a time out from class for 10 minutes because you can't or won't focus during Math. And on and on and on ~ 

And maybe I knew these life observations and lessons, the children in Kissemah certainly have magnified them for me, the prism and perspective of their joy and resilience: raw, simple, void of production and script.  

Deborah and Tafikat