Jun 24, 2014

One of the many…...

Taken about 5pm today - about 45 minutes ago 

One of the many things I love about being permanently on PTO from a 40+ hour a week job is having TIME to do the multitude of activities I love.  

One of my favorite activities happens everyday, many hours a day: spending quality time with Maddie and Morgan. If you know my history with dogs you know that up until the time I moved to Atlanta in 1999, I was terrified of dogs.  And I mean terrified, no exaggerating. The life long fear and paranoia a result from a horrible dog attack in April of 1970, right before we moved from Panama to California. I was 12. 

The Cliff Notes version: it was a friend's dog that lived down the street from us in Altos del Golf. The dog had recently had puppies, I went to Liliana's house to see the pups, and it went south from there.  I was maybe 10 or 15 yards away and the dog, a black female German Shepherd came after me.  I was bitten in three places, my right forearm had 12 stitches. Needless to say the event changed any and all ideas I had of dogs to FEAR FEAR FEAR. 

I learned to give dogs a chance and eventually love them because of Cindy. She takes care of many dogs, one of them was Dutch Bellville, he was an adult Corgi male. He was the first dog I could be around and not be afraid. I remember one year when JoAnn, my niece, visited Atlanta and Dutch came to the house for a sleep over. JoAnn was 10. She has always loved dogs and that was a special treat for her. I have a picture of her and Dutch, I will post one day. Then there was Jasmine and Dancer, the most awesome Mom/Daughter brown chocolate Labradors. Then Cody who I knew from when he was a pup.  And Wesley and Savannah and Merlin and over time I learned that not all dogs are programmed to attack me.  

My fear had grown over the 25+ years into panic and paranoia. It was horrible and consumed me anytime I was out in public or when I went to visit someone's home. To this day I can spot a dog 25 or 50 yards away. I developed an extreme sensibility and "dog radar" as my family and friends call it and the radar still works. 

Back to the present. Today Maddie is not feeling well and Morgan has been a wonderful sister. Normally they don't hang out together, they have their favorite spots in the house. Today, wherever Maddie is, Morgan is close by.  It is so sweet to watch the caring and love between them.

By the door to the garage 

Later in the day, taking their naps 

I know Maddie is not feeling well for many reasons. Her eyes tell the story loud and clear. I call them her sad eyes, when she is not feeling well she looks sad and she is not interested in any and all sounds.  Her energy level is a bit low. I won't give you all the other details; she is being treated for an inflamed GI track. This is round two, we had the same flare up about two weeks ago. She is now on her favorite diet, rice and chicken, homemade with LOVE. 

Maddie and Elena selfie on the patio earlier today 

When Maddie is not feeling well she wants to be very close. Today when we were outside she had to sit right in my lap. When I was upstairs in the office, she was under the desk. She is such a love, they both are ! 

During the summer months they get their "summer cuts" and almost everyday we have "swimming pool" time in the back. Maddie loves her blue plastic pool, Morgan not so much.  Morgan is the Canine Pele - she loves to play soccer with her tennis or Squiggly Wiggly Ball. I am so happy that these activities don't require any driving around town in a mini-van.  

Thanks to BD Malone, I've learned to have a great relationship with Maddie and Morgan. I even had to learn to not be afraid when taking them for walks and to be mentally prepared if we run into a not so nice dog, and amazingly enough it's happened. The girls are both 9 years old and very mature these days.  

I love love love them very much.  Everyday is a great day because I get to share in their 150 gazillion percent unconditional love. I never knew I could love them so much.