Jun 2, 2014

Junk vs. Treasure

I am willing to try most anything at least once. 

Not things like bungee jumping or eating worms, not crazy things. I am referring to things like having a garage sale. With my clean out the closets campaign, I've signed up for a garage sale in a few weeks.  The internet has countless of articles and blogs on how to orchestrate and manage a successful garage sale event. Last Saturday two houses in the subdivision had sales and both ladies who were having them said they were well attended and they sold many items.  

Certainly the item below qualifies for the JUNK vs. TREASURE debate. 

I am not selling this item at the garage sale, I will post on Craig's list soon.  Since 2000 this item has been in the kitchen pantry.  I checked just now and someone is selling this exact box on eBay for $155, The Sopranos Tony's Macaroni. If you know a SOPRANOS memorabilia collector send them my way.   This was an HBO promotion in 2000, the best used by date is 2002. 

I went through a box of old VHS tapes, about 75 to be exact. I borrowed a VCR from a friend and watched excerpts from old sitcoms, TV Movies, newscasts, Oprah before she was "Oprah" and even 20/20 when Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs were the hosts. I found a few tapes with family movies, these are going to Nostalgic Media in Atlanta to get converted to DVDs. 

I did not realize how difficult it is to recycle VHS tapes due to the toxicity of magnetic materials on the actual tape. Again via Google searches I found many interesting things about the actual VHS tape and even artists who use the tape, the cases, etc. to create art. The one below is an example, painted on the tape cartridges themselves. If you want to view the collection, many different interpretations and uses of tapes, click on the link below. Some pieces are quite interesting and fun. 


I found an organization in Columbia, MO that accepts VHS tapes as donations. I have the box ready to go and will mail tomorrow.  


Sometimes it makes no sense what you end up holding onto over the years. I have two of the items pictured below.  You will never guess in a million years what this is for. The photo below is the "disco holiday version" of the item. My DAD got creative one year for the holidays and put a light inside the big metal canister because of the little holes; he had one with a red light and one with a green and they sat on top of the gigantic TV console in our family room in Barstow. 

I will give you 2 hints: this metal canister with holes came from a machine in his office and my DAD was a surgeon.