Jun 6, 2014

Friday Poem

The Shell Hunter 

Solitary he went. 

Deserving of a thousand glances
He only picked a few 

While the hunted 
           Dolphins giggled close to shore
           a party only he could attend 

While he wandered 
           Determined waves applauded
           recognition only he could hear 

While he searched
           A steamy sun saluted 
           an honor only he could comprehend 

Solitary he kept hunting 
           a journey only he could manage 

Each step a possibility  
          each shell a choice for hope 

The hunter's aim always precise
          the intent forever human 

The result 
           a collection of grace.


By Elena Arosemena - 

Poem was written for a dear friend, Paul Phillips in 2003. 
Paul is in heaven with the best shell collection ever ! ! !