Jun 10, 2014

Daniel in Kissemah

I got an email today from Renee with 3 photos of Daniel.  He finally surfaced. 

Daniel came by the school in Kissemah on Friday of last week and Kwame gave him the envelope I'd left in Ghana with all the foreign currency I'd collected from friends and family. Daniel does metal and wood sculptures of the faces on world currency.  

Daniel was run off the property where he was living in Kissemah. When I was in Ghana in March of this year he was nowhere to be found. 

I am sure there is an interesting and compelling story on this man. I may not ever know the details, what I do know about him is that every time I saw him in Kissemah he was friendly. 

His smile would light up his face and he remembered my name every time we saw each other.  He would call me out and almost pronounce the Spanish version of E-L-E-N-A.  He always had a bicycle with him. Today in the photo below he is sporting a different hat. 

Daniel this past Friday - June 6th


Daniel …...when I first met him in November of last year 

Kissemah November 2013