Jun 15, 2014


My Father, Rogelio A. Arosemena, would have been 88 years old today. 

I miss him everyday.

Eleven years ago he died peacefully in his home in Panama on a warm tropical day, the 8th of January 2003.  It was a Wednesday in late afternoon.

What I love most about him is how much he loved us, his children. 

After our MOM died, he was our MOM and DAD and regardless of the challenges we had as a family, he loved us all dearly, Ana, Roger, Elena, Carlos, Tobias.  

He always wanted the best for us and he always told us to do our best.

He was a simple, kind, caring, loving Father. Nothing flashy or fancy about him, he was so much like his MOM, Grandma Chichi. 

I learned so much from him. 

Dad I love you dearly ! 

Happy Father's Day ! 

My DAD and MOM, their wedding day - January 1954