Jun 19, 2014



Yesterday was a regular day. It was the 20,245 day of my life. 

Maddie and Morgan were up around 6:30am ready for their morning routine, going out for a bit, then having their breakfast and a tiny bit of foam from my daily cappuccino.  

I worked on garage sale readiness, did a few errands, went to lunch with a dear friend and then it was time to swim. I anticipated the swim all day. 

The temperature in Atlanta around 3pm in the low 90*s. The sun was shining extra bright and was complimented with whispers of an afternoon breeze. I ventured to the outdoor pool at the Marcus Center, there were 3 lanes open for laps and the pool area was quiet. Two boys, Jason and Jared, ages 4 or 5 were having a lesson, they were very quiet. 

Swimming under the bright sun is very different than the indoor pool. The temperature of the water perfect and I could see the shadow of my strokes every time my arms entered the water. The bottom of the pool was like a disco floor shimmering with the light of the sun. And the silence around the pool area was a welcomed song.  The 40 minute swim perfect.  

I am not sure of all the reasons, being in the water for me is being home. 

I love every detail of the experience: the rhythmic breathing, the sounds of each breath magnified in my head, the movement in the water, the ability to be still and to float, not having to wear shoes, the relationship with the water and the solitude. No equipment, no machines, no music, no mirrors, no hardwood floors, just me and the swimming pool. (And the lifeguard.) 

I plan to go back today at 3pm. 

Maddie and Morgan also got to swim yesterday. Maddie of course was very happy. Morgan prefers to play fetch with the tennis balls, but will get in the plastic pool, but gets right back out. It takes Maddie about 20 or 25 minutes and she wears herself out.  She has a routine and she loves it. When she is ready to be dried off, she will come over to me and give me the look. She certainly sleeps very sound the days she gets "pool time".   

One of my favorite all time YOUTUBE VIDEO of Maddie, Morgan and Riley swimming.  Click here for 3 minute of joy !