May 28, 2014

The Trash Can Bandit(s)

One of the many reasons I love to write: the subjects are varied, some serious, some not so serious and the subjects cover many many areas: Life lessons and opportunities, current events, family, food, poetry, photography, travel, reprints of other articles, essays, and yes dogs, especially Maddie and Morgan.  

Many times I've said that I would love to do a series of videos, following both of them, documenting the normal course of their days and include voice overs: Cindy for Morgan and myself for Maddie. 

Last Friday was the 3rd time since I went to Ghana in October of 2013 that the Trash Can Bandit has made an appearance in the kitchen. 

Interesting that for 8.5 years this event never took place and now when the trash container is not behind closed doors or in the garage, we seem to have an Olympic event  in the kitchen. 

Based on Maddie and Morgan's personalities, what they like and don't like to do, I imagine the dialogue goes something like this: 

The Evidence 


Maddie:  Morgan, Morgan, look, look !

Morgan:  What ? What ……. I am trying to take a nap.

Maddie:  Look !  Mommie E left to do some errands and the trash can is out in the kitchen.  She forgot to put it away!  We can play that game again, “TCO” … you know Trash Can Olympics.

Morgan: Here we go again… “TCO” where do you come up with these names ?

Maddie:  Come on !  Get up and get in the kitchen, who knows what we will find this time.

Morgan:  This is your 3rd time at this and the best we’ve, ………well no, the best you’ve found is peels from a mandarin orange.  The coffee grinds are awful. The wet paper towel doesn’t taste like anything, what is it that you are looking for ?  You know Mommyie E will be very mad when she gets home.

Maddie:  Yeah she even takes photos with her phone, like CSI – he he he. Remember the first time, Mommie E was in Ghana and Mommie C sent the pictures all the way there.

Morgan:  Yup ! ! ! With all the techie stuff, you got your first “talking to” via Facetime.  And you don’t listen.   

Maddie:  Really Sis ! you’re  no fun, you always have to be rationalizing my fun away.  You know how much I love to run and jump – and TCO is the perfect game, and, and, and…….  we may just get a prize. Your never know.  Maybe the banana peel from this morning still has some banana parts in it.

Morgan: You’re crazy, Maddie.  You’re going to get hurt.  But if you do find some banana parts, let me know.  And and and, when Mommie E gets home and sees the mess, the plan is for BOTH OF US to get up, walk slowly towards the bedroom and hide under the bed.  And don’t look at her, don’t smile, don’t do anything, just get up from your pillow and walk slowly towards the bedroom.

Maddie:  Perfect  ! That works everytime, Mommie E is such a softy.  And I try, I really try not to make too much of a mess. My favorite part is ripping all the paper stuff apart.  But I keep all the stuff in the kitchen area, so Mommie E does not get too mad.  And the clean up is not so much.

Morgan: Let me know when you score tipping the thing over.  It is fun to watch you go crazy for a few minutes. And to think, Mommie calls you the Corgi Ballerina; she has no idea ! ! !  

Morgan:  If only we could talk,  I could tell the world many Maddie stories.

Reminder posted on door to garage