May 31, 2014

Thank You Al ~ Thank You All

I got a call yesterday from a vendor that I'm working with on a personal project. I'd sent him an email and my blog address was listed in the signature. I was not aware that I'd had done that. 

At the end of the call, he commented, "So you've been to Peru and you are helping a school in Ghana."  Before I could respond he added, "I enjoyed reading your updates, you must travel quite a bit".  

He shared with me that his daughter and her family, (((husband and three children))), are working and living on the Mercy Ship, currently docked at the Republic of Congo. 

I told him a tiny bit about the Peru trip and also about Mawuvio's in Ghana. He was very nice, he was interested, he caught me off guard, I was pleasantly surprised. 

After the call and throughout the day, I thought about the Peru trip and took time to review photos stored on PC.  I remember the skies, the skies of the Sacred Valley, the skies when we visited Aguas Calientes and the skies at Machu Picchu. 

I remembered the splendor and magnificence of those expansive blue skies. The companion clouds perfect accents helping balance the intense beauty of nature.  I've never been so close to heaven as I was those two days at Machu Picchu in May of 2008. 

Al thanks for inviting back those wonderful memories. 

In addition to thanking AL, I want to thank ALL of you who read the Verse In Progress updates.

I appreciate your support and I certainly appreciate your emails and comments, especially when I travel to Ghana and am so far away from home. 

With all the information that is available in the world today, via any device you may own: phone, tablet, computer, television, radio, etc. I know you are flooded with information, facts, news, music.  

I appreciate that you take time to read the updates I post.  I hope that at some point during your visit to this blog or during the visits the posts make to your email inbox that you've felt a connection or that an idea, observation, story or photograph has resonated with your heart and mind. 

For many years I wrote everyday, back then it was called a journal. A 7th grade assignment from my English teacher, Miss Young, in 1971 kept me writing until I graduated from college in 1982.  I have a spiral bound notebook collection, 18 or 19 of them, one day I will post pictures and excerpts.  

I love to write.  

I am grateful for your company and for your support. 

Thanks  !