May 7, 2014

Mawuvio's Update

On Monday, the Mawuvio's Outreach Programme Primary School began Term 3 of the 2013/2014 Academic School Year.  The students and staff enjoyed a vacation break that also coincided with the observation of the Easter Holiday in Ghana.  School will be in session until mid July, when the school year ends. 

Renee Farwell is headed back to Ghana at the end of May. The children, teaching staff and Kissemah residents are all looking forward to having Renee back.  Renee participated in a conference at Iowa State University last month, "Lessons from Abroad" where she shared a wealth of information about her experiences as an ISEP student in Ghana and how that lead to her chance meeting with Eric Kwame Agoe that began the amazing story of how Mawuvio's came to be. 

Kwame and Renee 

During June and July, Mawuvio's will be hosting three volunteers from Florida State University. The volunteers will be coming to MOP through the Global Scholars Program at Florida State University Tallahasse.  The FSU Global Scholars program helps students secure summer internships at nonprofit organizations in developing countries around the world. Developed by the Office of Undergraduate Research and currently in its third year, Global Scholars' placements are low-cost and high-impact, providing a challenging academic and personal student development experience. FSU students in the program receive training before departure and must complete a capstone research project on an issue facing the overseas community after completing their internship. In the end, the Global Scholars program hopes to cultivate active citizens of the world who can utilize research and critical thinking skills to engage with different cultural perspectives and make a positive impact in the global community.

We continue to have support from college students in Ghana who are attending the University of Ghana through ISEP, International Student Exchange Program. Thanks to Grace, Charlotte, Alex, Micah, Nikky. 

Florian Bernhart, a MOP volunteer and now board member, from Austria continues to broaden the support MOP is getting from family, friends, churches, schools and business from his hometown in Austria and surrounding areas.  For more information read the current MOP Newsletter,  CLICK HERE.   

We continue to work towards the completion of the school building in Ayikumah.     Current plans are for the school to relocate to Ayikumah in September at the beginning of the 2014/2015 Academic School Year.  As you can imagine there is much work to complete to get everything ready. I will keep you posted on major developments. 

My plans: to visit Ghana in August and provide whatever support is needed as we prepare for the move to Ayikumah. I will stay for 2 or 3 months and help out when Mawuvio's begins classes at the new school.  Ayikumah is in the country, 44 kilometers northwest of the Kissemah location. The area is rural, quiet and because the current Kissemah children will board there, Mawuvio's will have more time with the children for after school activities and additional classes.   

And yes many times when I think of the enormity of what MOP is going to take on, a "proper" school location, more students, etc. I get overwhelmed. The funding alone is a big enough challenge, at the same time, Mawuvio's has accomplished so much in 5 years !  

By the Grace of God, along with an army of Angels and the love and care and concern of many people in the USA, Austria and Ghana, Mawuvio's successfully manages the daily education of 62 children, the daily lunch program and basic medical care when needed.  And learning is taking place. Learning on the porch and courtyard of a home; imagine when MOP students are  in a "proper" classroom setting the learning will go to a completely different level.  

I know many who read the Verse in Progress posts are Mawuvio's student sponsors and supporters at large. 

Your interest and support in the organization is KEY ! ! !  Your support is making a significant difference in the lives of children who are very appreciative and who are interested and motivated to learn. 


Currently 40 of the 60 children are sponsored. If you know anyone who would be interested in spending 98 cents per day to sponsor a Mawuvio's student, give them my email address.