May 31, 2014


May 31st, 2014 

Dear Rogelio IV:

I am writing this letter to wish you a splendid and wonderful 18th Birthday ! !

This is a milestone birthday, significant for many reasons. You are growing up and maturing into a young man and more important you are a 4th generation “Rogelio A. Arosemena” with a legacy that courses through your veins, rich in Arosemena and Panama history. 

You are the son, grandson and great grandson of amazing men whose name your share. Be mindful of the generations past and present in your family.  The Arosemena tree trunk of your life is strong, sturdy, the roots deep with family tradition, love of God,  love of country; don’t lose sight of this legacy. Celebrate it, recognize it and teach it to your children one day. 

I wish you the best for this birthday and for all the birthdays in your life to come.  More important I wish you love and peace, kindness and compassion in your heart and mind.

Everyday that you wake may God be with you. I wish you a healthy life and success in all your endeavors.  Recognize and cherish all your blessings and invest in your life; in being successful and in one day being a wonderful family man and Father like your Dad and your Grandpa Rogelio. 

You are also a brother, one of the most important relationships in your life. Love and protect your sister, JoAnn and your brothers, Jaime and Juan Carlos. They are your family for life.

I want to tell you on this special birthday how much I love you. I’ve enjoyed watching you grow and mature and I look forward to many more times visiting you in Panama, maybe going to France with you and Juan Carlos and Tia Mari and your Dad.  You are welcome to visit me anytime.

I love you very much, you are dear to my heart and I always pray that God takes good care of you.  I hope that you keep this letter and read it one day when you’re 25 or 30 and that you remember me and all the good times we’ve had.   You are a “crackaling” nephew and I’ve had many fun times with you.

You have beautiful eyes and a wonderful smile, most important you have a wonderful, caring heart.  Stay focused on all the good that you bring to the world each day.  Work hard at your studies, make the most of your time in college when you go in a few years.  

Be serious when it counts and love life ALL THE TIME.   Know that Grandma JoAnn is watching and cares for you from Heaven !

I love you Rogelio – from my heart I wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

                      Tia Elena