May 16, 2014

Friday Poem ~

I Know These Colors ~

The infinite blue green womb that is the ocean when I float with intent
listening for the crest of the next wave, or two or three

The ripe, sweet smell of fresh garlic and olive oil
at the point of both turning golden in the fry pan

The glory of ginger red skies painted by the Virgin Mary
at the fringe of small, isolated towns and villages

The silver voltage of influence charging inside of me, 
every breath and heartbeat attempting to honor their grace

The salty relish of carnival canine kisses, offered without agenda
prejudice, or production

The nervous warmth generated when people hold hands unexpectedly;
a guest at dinner invoking prayer, my Father as he lay dying in his blue pajamas

The always invitation of the salt rimmed Margarita glass
broadcasting the inevitable green plunge, straws not preferred

The quirky dance of palms in Punta Barco, moving, singing
calling us to join them and celebrate the blue music wind

The child within me that interrupts the expected adult trajectory
The child that is certain at some point she was a red, yellow fish

The foundation cast in my heart by dear friendships
Unbeatable, unbreakable, nourished by every purple passing day.

 by Elena Arosemena