May 2, 2014


I know you can't go back and start over, from time to time I think of it anyways.  

I've said many times, that I would have loved to study, learn and work at forensic science. There are so many aspects of the field that I am interested in and I have to confess, the only TV I watch regularly are cold case type shows.  

There is always a puzzle and with detail, discovery, observation, intuition, persistence and yes science, most of the time the puzzles are solved. 

I know the subject matter of the puzzles is gruesome, however working in the field, my assumption is that detectives and CSI type people learn to separate the emotion from the work, otherwise I am not sure how they would last. Same for people in first responder type of jobs, soldiers, court reporters, etc. 

The other area that I love love love love and think about how awesome would it be to be a time lapsed photographer.  We all have seen the movie clips, the flowers blooming, clouds moving in the sky, etc.  

I love that type of photography and I think it is amazing that people will film something over days, weeks, months and even years to create a visual that normally the human experience would never get to see. 

I found a few examples on Vimeo this week.  Check that website from time to time, check out the staff picks, always great short videos to inspire, challenge, teach, celebrate.  

Time Lapse - Northern Lights

The next one is not so much time lapse, however they photography speaks to me on some many levels, because the subject matter is waves in the ocean, one of my favorite places to enjoy.  Check out the website referenced on the Vimeo profile. 

Awesome Wave Photography

The last one, time lapse of the New Zealand landscape. 

New Zealand Time Lapse

ENJOY and be sure to check out !