May 6, 2014



Yesterday in the May edition of the AARP bulletin I read that after a house fire destroyed all of Andrew Carroll's possessions, he was inspired to seek out and preserve wartime time correspondence. He recently donated his collection of over 100,000 letters to Chapman University in Orange County, CA.  For more information you can go to

The article reminded me of the collection of letters I have and that I need to work on to preserve.  They are indeed treasures of my life and I want to save them, enjoy them and pass them onto my niece and nephews one day.   I was told that there are special books you can buy that are lined with special paper that over many many years will especially preserve the paper the letters were written on.  When I come back from my visit to CA, I am going to start working on this project.  

Hand written letters, or missives or notes…... when was the last time you received a hand written letter ? Do you have any saved in a drawer or shoe box.  Was there anyone in your family or circle of friends that wrote you letters or do you know anyone that does this today ? 

When was the last time you wrote a letter ? 

Would you consider writing a letter to someone after you read this post ? 

Can you do it this week, do you have a special birthday coming up, or can you write your MOM or Grandmother, or that special person that is like a MOM in your life ?  In addition to the Hallmark card you've probably already purchased for Mother's Day, do you have time to invest in a letter ? Or you can consider  Father's Day, it is not far behind. 

Or maybe you are a MOM, or perhaps a cool AUNT or UNCLE - would you consider giving the gift of yourself in a hand written letter to someone you love, a friend, children in your life, young children, young adults, grown children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren. There are so many possibilities.  

Or maybe a letter to someone who greatly influenced your life or your career, a mentor from long ago or a dear friend who you love and cherish for all that comes from a life long friendship. A letter to your church Pastor, a favorite teacher. 

I know this act or gesture requires investment of your time and I know everyone is busy.  Please consider the effect, the reaction and the possible life long influence that your letter can have on whomever you share this gift with.  

Letters from Grandma Chichi from Panama 

I have 73 letters in total  ~  spanning almost 20 years

PS - 
If this post in anyway energizes you to write a letter, send me an email and let me know.  Thanks.