May 9, 2014

27 Years of Friendship

A warm smile back in 1987 in of all places a "call center environment" was the beginning of a friendship that will always be a special part of my life. Yesterday I had lunch with Moni Roni, my dear friend, Mona Roderfeld.

I met Mona by chance in the Times Mirror Cable Television Orange County Call Center in San Juan Capistrano on Avenida Aeropuerto. I was at the TMCT office for an afternoon interview with the Customer Care Manager, Marilu Schmier. Because Marilu was running late for the appointment I was asked to do "side by side listening session" with one of the CSR's and that day I sat with Mona.

As you can imagine, I was nervous for my interview, I was nervous to be in the Orange County office, one of the TMCT premiere systems. I was interviewing for a supervisor position. I was working in the TMCT Palos Verdes office and I was looking for a way to get out of the role I was in and move back to north San Diego.

That day in San Juan I needed reassurance that the world was indeed a good place and that good things happen to good people and my meeting and side by side session with Mona Roderfeld was a GODSEND. Her smile, her warmth, her wonderful customer care skills, her ability to make me feel comfortable and welcomed, I needed all those gestures that afternoon. Mona was then and continues today to be a wonderful person, she is one of the people that makes the world a better place - the entire world !

I dont think that either of us had any idea that 27 years later we would be having lunch and catching up on all things LIFE.

Because I got the job in San Juan as a TMCT call center supervisor I was able to come back and thank Mona for her gesture of friendship the day. Over a 10 year period Mona and I worked on many projects, we traveled to Atlanta many times, we worked as team leads and project managers and SME's. We supported the launch of Cox internal and Cox 3rd party call centers. We were integral in the launch of the first Cox High Speed Data market launch in Orange County in December of 1996.

During those years we also worked the "Saturday shift" managing the Orange County inbound call center on 10 hour shifts. Mona is one of those special people that no matter what happens (((and I mean no matter)))) you know you can count on her. She can be counted on 100% of the time, 100% of the time. One day I will share some of the stories from the Saturday shift ! Mona supported me as I progressed in my career at Cox. When I went to Atlanta and I needed any information, validation, research, confirmation regarding any operations activities, stats, etc. in the field, all I had to do was call Mona.

Today we had a great visit. Moni Roni you are dear to my heart ! !