Apr 9, 2014


One of my favorite times of the year in Atlanta, SPRING. 

Thanks to Mother Nature, the city lights up with colors and patterns everywhere; gardens are happy with tulips, parks are white and pink with trees like the one in the picture below. The celebration and presence of nature is all over the city. 

Piedmont Park in Atlanta 

With all the beauty of nature comes pollen. The daily pollen count is part of the morning and evening news. When I first moved here in the late 90*s - the pollen was an issue. Overtime I think most people get used to it. The yellow film of pollen covers patios, driveways, mailboxes and cars parked outside. The pollen count for today for the trees category is 1963, considered extreme high. 

Pollen Count for Trees in Atlanta today 

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens participates by doing an annual show in the spring, Atlanta Blooms. They plant over 200,000 bulbs, 70,000 which are tulips.  The gardens are indeed extra beautiful at this time of the year.  The tulips remind me of a giant choir, all the flowers standing tall, their beauty and song reaching for the heavens. 

This is a time in indeed to STOP and enjoy the flowers. Take  7 minutes to watch this video, The Hidden Beauty of Pollination, featured during a TED TALK in 2011, the time lapsed video is amazing. 

Atlanta Botanical Gardens