Apr 11, 2014


Maddie doesn't know this yet, we are going to try to get her accepted into the HAPPY TAILS organization that visits adults and children in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living.  One of Maddie's dear friends, Dutch "King of the World" Bellville was a HAPPY TAILS volunteer with his Dad, Lew Bellville.  

To get accepted, I have to attend a one hour orientation on May 3rd and then Maddie has to pass an evaluation on May 17th. 

Below is a list of the activities or behaviors that Maddie will be evaluated on. I think she can do all of these, we may have to practice some before the evaluation date.  

I am so excited. And if you are asking yourself why Maddie and why not Morgan and Maddie ? Well let's just say that Morgan has a BIG personality and she sometimes does not like other dogs. 

Maddie is a bit of a talker, she loves to run around the house and bark when the any of the close neighbors are doing yard work, mowing lawns, trimming edges, etc. Will have to see if she can pass the reaction test to strange noises and equipment.  

Will keep you posted. The dates on on the calendar in May. I've been wanting to do this for years and we will give it our best.  

  • Will your pet allow petting and grooming by a stranger?

  • Can your dog demonstrate basic obedience skills, including sit/stay, down/stay and recall from sit or down?

  • Will your dog walk beside you on a loose leash?

  • Will your dog walk on a loose leash with a stranger?

  • Will your pet behave politely around dogs or other animals?

  • Will your pet approach someone in a wheelchair or using a walker?

  • How will your pet react to strange noises and equipment?

  • Will your pet remain calm in a crowd (like walking in a crowded hallway)?

  • How will your dog react and recover if bumped by another person or animal?

  • Will your pet allow several people to hug it at the same time?

  • Will your pet remain calm when someone nearby is yelling or running?

  • Will your pet remain calm when you leave it with a stranger and go out of view?

Maddie Louise