Apr 2, 2014

Day Six

Today is day six from being back.

 I went swimming and everything seems to be falling into place. Sleep patterns are regular and Frosted Mini Wheats are no longer an everyday meal.  

The weather has been phenomenal in Atlanta, sunshine and 80* - Maddie and Morgan are happy, they are spending lots of time outside investigating the backyard, looking for sticks in the pine straw to consume. Morgan sometimes spends 5 or 10 minutes looking before she finds just the right twig she wants to eat.  Maddie carries hers inside like a cigar and enjoys her snack on her pillow. 

I sent out all the Mawuvios sponsor letters today and also completed the MOP YOUTUBE video for this visit.  Click on the URL below and enjoy this six minute version of the HAPPY song. Thanks to all the teachers for your support in filming all the video footage and especially Teacher Austine Gabo for the dancing clips.   


Kwame sent me an email and thinks he has a good lead on where Daniel is.  There is a section of Accra where lots of RASTA people hang out, kind of like Little Five Points in Atlanta, according to the update he got, Daniel has been seen in that area.   He will keep me posted and I will provide updates.