Mar 26, 2014

Wednesday Morning

I woke up today 5:05am.

I got up and opened the front door so the air could flow through the room and I could turn off the fan. This allowed for the crow of all the roosters in the area to be clearly heard and enjoyed this morning. That sound for me is very familiar and soothing, the welcome of a new day, the celebration guttural and pronounced by all the neighborhood wandering roosters. And as Ceci says, "there are plenty." ~

I had a welcomed surprised. Below the back windows of the unit, on the back side of the compound some of the small children bathe back there and brush their teeth in the morning. Today I heard the pitter patter of Godsway's slippers as he ran below the window. I knew it was him. He has a very steady and fast pace to his footsteps, unlike Terrence, who does everything very slow, including walking.

I listened and soon enough Godsway was speaking to his siblings Pamela and John. I could hear water being spit out and teeth being brushed, I am not sure what Godsway was doing, he is too young to go to school. True to his nature, after about 15 minutes had passed of sweet voices talking back and forth to each other, I heard Godsway screaming, like he was demanding or fighting over something, then the older brother intervened, Godsway cried out very loud and then ran away back to the front of his unit where his MOM was this morning.

About 6:45am I was getting ready in the room and I heard a small faint knock at the door. The screen door was open so the children know it is OK to knock. It was Forgive Gborwosu. He is in Primary Class 3 - he is the student I sponsor. He is the brother to Ben and Komlavi in Class 5, the family who lost their MOther in September of 2011 or 2012.

Forgive came to say Good Morning and also to share with me that today is his birthday. I immediately wished him a Happy Birthday and gave him a big hug. I sat down on the bed and told him that several people were thinking especially of him today, Auntie Renee in USA and his Mother in Heaven. I told him that his Mother thinks of him everyday and that he should know that she will never forget him. I asked him if he understood this - I told him my Mother in Heaven also does the same with her children. I saw a tiny faint smile - not sure what prompted the smile. I hugged him again and asked him for sure to come and see me when I leave later in the afternoon.

Right now the Mawuvio's students are putting the desks in order for all the classes, sweeping and getting the school ready for classes. I am headed to the office to post these updates, then a quick cup of coffee in the back area with Ceci.

I found out when I came to the office before assembly that today is also Gifty Dokuvi's birthday. She is in class 3.

I will go with Kwame at 11am to see the National Disaster Relief Coordinator for Ghana. That agency has offered to help us receive large shipments of donated goods via sea land containers or barrels without the cost of any taxes or import duties, charges, etc. We have a possible donation of desks coming from a school in Austria, so today we are confirming the details on where and how and to whom the shipments should be sent to - so we can benefit from the assistance that NADMO has offered. Will see how this goes.

I will try to do one more post before I leave today. If not I will post a quick update when I get home on Thursday - Atlanta time around 12:30pm.