Mar 12, 2014

Trying to Sleep

I had a wonderful dinner and visit with Ceci and Stefan tonight. Last night there was a very big rain event, Ceci said the day was cooled down by the rain for my arrival.

January and February trend to being the hottest months during the dry season. March is the transition month back to the rainy season; the weather and seasons very similar to Panama.

I shared the Maddie and Morgan video of when I got home last December, when they kissed me and kissed me for about 5 minutes. I also shared my time lapse videos of Atlanta SNOWJAM and the ice storm in January. They enjoyed the show and tell very much.

We caught up on how all of Ceci relatives: her son Ben, brother Joseph, sister, Felicia and how things are going at her church. Stefan is taller, he looks more and more like his DAD who I met in December. He told me that he is doing well in school. All the schools were closed for the Ghana Independence Day holiday on March 6th. Their next vacation from school is the Thursday and Friday leading up to Easter on April 20th. Everything in Ghana closes for that holiday; they also get the Monday after Easter off. Lots of people travel to their home villages or areas where their families are.

For dinner I had chicken and rice with fried plantains and the Ceci vegetable mix of cabbage, carrots, onions and greens beans, and yes with the Ceci secret red sauce. It was delicious as usual; I did not eat any of the meals on the Delta flights so I was hungry. Ceci put the Alvaros in the freezer, they were super cold and delicious. Alvaros are like ginger ale, with the flavor of pear and/or passion fruit. Today we had the latter, they are very tasty.

I had my bucket shower about 7:00pm. I have the routine all worked out, I take my PJ's, the towel, the head lamp and a container of drinking water to the back area of the house in my Trader Joe's bag. Ceci always has the bucket of water already in the outdoor shower area; I always bring a bar of Trader Joe's Peppermint soap. The peppermint helps open your pores and cool off your body. Ceci takes such good care of all the daily coming and goings of showering, eating and using the bathroom. She makes the stay here at the Kissemah compound comfortable.

I am up, now it is 11pm in Ghana, my body thinks it is 6pm back in Atlanta. It usually takes me 2 days to fully transition the sleep patterns. I am in the volunteer quarters, the overhead fan keeping me company. All the families in the compound are now in their units and it is quiet. Somewhere in the distance in Ghana there is always music. I can hear faint sounds of what sounds like Gospel music. Everyday by 6:30am, Winfred across the street wakes up the entire area with reggae music, I will let you know if the practice continues.

There is a company called Zein Security that has a large facility in Kissemah. They set up shop there last December. I am going to see if I can find them on GOOGLE EARTH and post the picture. We are right down the street from that business, not more than a ten minute walk. I will check tomorrow when I am in the office and have access to WIFI.

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Tomorrow is Wednesday, I look forward to seeing the children in the morning.