Mar 13, 2014


My activities today ......

6am Up with the chickens, the rasta music from Winfred across the street and all the house MOM's sweeping and getting their children ready for school.

7:15am I actually get out of bed, get ready and go for breakfast in Ceci's Kitchen.

7:30am I am enjoying black coffee, 2 cups, and my Kissemah egg scramble with scallions and tomatoes.

7:50am I am in the front of the school in the office, greeting the teachers and the students, today I shared a few videos on the IPAD.

8:00am Children ready for the daily school assembly, today it was lead by Patricia. They greet the teachers, say the Lords Prayer, recite the Ghana Pledge of Allegiance, recite one memory verse from the bible per class, and then the sing one song as the walk into the compound to go to their classroom areas.

8:45am Kwame and I left for our visit scheduled at Rafiki Village just north of Pokwasi. We had a 10am appointment with the school director and the school nurse to learn about their feeding program and how they manage the laundry operations for 118 orphans they care for and educate. Susy and Janet answered all of our questions, shared lessons learned, expense information related to food cost and salaries for some of their staff, and we got a tour of the kitchen and dinning hall. It was a great visit and we are thankful that they are willing to share information with us.

12pm Arrived back at the school, after one stop at the local copier place, we copied the permission slips for the excursion on WED. And the PTA meeting next Saturday.

12:30pm I had my lunch in the back, wonderful, delicious, juicy, Cape Coast pineapple. And of course 2 or 3 bags of Pure water by now during the course of the day.

1:00pm I typed up notes from the visit in the office and answered a few emails from home.

2:30pm Went to the classroom area for the school closing, helped distribute the forms. Met with the ISEP volunteers, exchanged names, contact information with them.

2:45pm Teacher Lawrenda and Teacher Abigail helped me distribute undergarments to the senior girls. They all got new bras and pants as they call them here.

3:OOpm Teacher Austine managed the after school dance program, we practiced the dance moves for the HAPPY song video footage we are filming tomorrow. We have excellent dancers at the school.

4:00pm Took a 60 minute nap. Spoke to my senior sister, Ana. Always so good to hear her voice.

5:00pm Got MTN Credits loaded for the phone I am using while I am here and went to the kitchen to review the days activities with Madam Ceci. I ran into Godsway in the compound and today he finally spoke to me. He is the boy I call GODSWAY EVERYWHERE, I think he is shy of three and he is always everywhere. I will take a few photos of him and post. I tried to teach him my name today, he almost got it. He has the brightest smile.

5:30pm Dinner was ready, Stefan and I eat dinner together every night. I posted a photo earlier.

7:00pm Headed to the front office to type this update and send via the school WIFI connection. Was able to do FACETIME with Cindy to catch up on Maddie and Morgan and home stuff.

8:05pm Headed to the volunteer quarters to get my shower slippers and pajamas so I can go take my bucket shower. Ceci will have the water ready for me. It is almost a full moon, always nice to shower with the light of the moon.

Hope all is going well with you ! and sorry for any typos or crazy sentences, I was going fast.