Mar 17, 2014


Ghana electrical current is 230 Volts. I have a converter in the room for my iPad and camera battery charger, I've used the same device since my first visit in 2011. It was a Brookstone purchase.

Stefan and I decided to use the same converter today to try and get some electrical pencil sharpeners to work and we blew up one of the sockets in the room. Stefan actually got a tiny shock. We also blew up the converter device. It was a bit exciting in the room for about 5 minutes.

I am not sure what is up with the pencil sharpeners, perhaps they have a large motor, we burned one up in the office last ime I was here. I was trying to see if the converter would alleviate the sparks and Stefan and I both saw a tiny bit of a red flash fly across the room. Hence the photo of the outlet we have a DO NOT USE notice on. I have to tell Kwame so the electricican can come and check out.

It is always something. Where is McGyver when you need him ?