Mar 23, 2014

The Back Stories

One day I am going to write a collection of short essays or stories based on photographs from my visits to Ghana.

The photo below is an example, so much happened this morning before this photo was taken.

So much that is representative of life in a village setting in Ghana. So much that is universal and shared by everyone who wakes up in the morning, at the same time so much unique and specific to the way of life here, the customs, culture, the opportunities and challenges.

This is Stefan's breakfast today, it is typical of what he has for breakfast everyday.

Hot tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar and canned milk. The bread came from the "bread seller lady" at the Kissemah market, it was purchased this morning before 8am. Ceci said the bread was baked yesterday.

The serrated knife is part of Ceci's kitchen utensils. The wooden table is in the back kitchen area where all the meals are cooked, served and eaten.

Currently it is 9:15am in Ghana, it is a cool and overcast Sunday morning.