Mar 17, 2014


Today my organizing self went info full operation mode.

Stefan helped me unpack the 47 and 48 lbs suitcases and put all the uniform shorts, gym trunks and jerseys in order of size and color so they can be distributed after school on Monday or Tuesday. I set them up in the other volunteer quarters that has 2 bunk beds, there is pleny of space to spread them all out by size and color. The children come into the room by classroom and the distribution takes 15 or 20 minutes tops. Thanks again to Beth Kempe in Atlanta for all the great work you do to collect and distribute the uniforms all over the world.

I also organized the office a tiny bit. Two recent visitors brought school supplies, Ben and Stefan helped me re-arrange some of the book shelves and supply bins so we could find the "proper" place for everything. I started with Stefan around 8am and we were all done with the office by 11:30am.

It was quiet hot today, in the low 90's - with the humidity is was a bit warm. During the mid day, I stayed in the room and caught up on some reading and I sat under the fan for about an hour keeping cool. I am not surprised by the amount of water I am drinking, at least 5 of the Pure water bags each day, so about 10 cups.

About 5pm, Kwame took over to Achimota School, which is very close to the Kissemah compound, 5 minutes by car. Every president of Ghana since the country became a republic in 1957 has been a graduate of this school. It was established by the British as a university in the late 1800's, once the University of Legon was built, the campus then became a primary and secondary school in 1927.

Achimota school today is run by the Ghana Education Services, the students board, the campus is spread out, many many walkways and beatiful big expansive trees. There is a local post office, a swimming pool, a large dinning hall, many dorm type buildings, a large church, assembly hall, administration building and classroom buildings. Students from all over Ghana attend the school, Kwame says the application process is very rigourous. I will post some photos.

Monday Kwame and I are going to the Ayikumah school site to meet with some of the contractors. We will leave right after the morning school assembly.

Tuesday I am scheduled to be with Pastor Belinda and her friend Michele Betrand for some hours - scouting some sites in Accra for the conference Belinda is helping coorindate here in October.

Wednesday we are having our 2nd school excursion. Last year in March the children visited and toured the Kotoka Internatoinal Airport. WED we are visting the national site that commerates the life of the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah. The plans are to leave the school by 9:30am, and return by 1pm so the children can have their lunch. We are visiting a museum and the place where the body is laid to rest.

Thursday is a regular school day and then Friday and Monday the school is closed for mid term exams. All the schools in Ghana take 2 days off prior to the mid term exams or tests.

Saturday we are scheduled to have a PTA meeting from 9:30am to 11:30am.

Speaking of PTA today when we were walking around the Achimota school campus, there was a PTA meeting going on there. I was suprised it was so late on a Sunday.

The meeting was in a large hall and we could hear the speaker very clearly as we walked by the building. I heard him say, "Parents next time we need your cooperation in getting to the meeting on time. Many many parents today came very late." And of course I chuckled and said to Kwame "I thought our parents were the only ones that were late." I guess even PTA meetings at one of the most prestigous schools in the country runs on GMT - Ghana Maybe Time.

I have not seen any news for about 5 days. I know there was a storm warning in the Ft. Walton Florida area today; where Ana and Parker live, I have that city on my WSBTV weather watch and the warning came while I was in the office hooked up to WIFI.

Other than that I hope everything is going well.