Mar 12, 2014

Saviour and Peace

Both of the young girls in the photos below are in Teacher Lawrenda class, KG1. When I was here in October of last year both were struggling a bit in class for different reasons. Peace was not peaceful, she is high energy, always moving around, fidgeting and did not know the English language well. Saviour was Saviour - she was in the class, present, but for some reason the information she was learning was not staying in her brain. I remember doing some A,B,C work with her and she could sing the ABC song from memory, but she was confused when she had to point to letters on a board, letters like C, A, T for cat and D, O, G for Dog.

Today I observed their class and talked to Teacher Lawrenda and she says they've made great progress. Saviour is doing very well in English and Peace is a whiz at anything MATH. And she said the best part, during the class activities or assignments, they are helping each other LEARN - collaborative learning at its best right here in Kissemah at the Mawuvio's school.

I was with Primary Class 3 yesterday and they are all so smart. Teacher Steady has a great class and they have indeed a great teacher. The children pay attention, are engaged and all excited to raise their hands and answer questions. That entire class scored 80% or better on all their exams at the end of Term 1.

During this term we have 2 Ghanian students from the University of Ghana at West Legon, coming to the school once a week to tutor 2 students in reading comprehension. It is great to have the support of a local organization. They are called EDAID, Ghana Education Aid. I have some information on the organization, I will post at a later date.

Today I also helped get the permission slips for the excursion ready so we can copy after school. All the children need to take home and get signed by parents or guardians. Also worked on the notice for the PTA meeting that the school will have on Saturday March 22nd.

I am typing this at 1:40pm on Tuesday. It is in the high 80*s - and always a nice breeze on the top of the hill in Kissemah.

Hope all is going well with everyone back home.