Mar 9, 2014


There is no way I can hide the suitcases from Maddie, she does not like them. 

Today she got up on the bed and looked at me with eyes that were not happy. Maddie is affected by the packing process, she withdraws, goes in her kennel, gets under the bed and stays there for hours. 

Morgan on the other hand always want to play ball.  It continues to amaze me how they know, Maddie knows I am leaving and it is hard. I will miss them very much. Now that Maddie and Morgan are experts at FACETIME, I will be able to see them in a few days via the internet ! Horray. 

I have 4 bags going to Ghana. One is going with Pastor Belinda Williams. She is leaving in Tuesday. She has so many miles with Delta traveling all over the world doing ministry work, she can bring 3 bags every time without question or extra fees. I have three bags and will do my best to get Delta to waive the extra bag fee. I will keep you posted.  

Monday, I am out on a 3pm flight to New York, La Guardia and then a 9pm flight from New York to Accra. My flight arrives in Accra at 11am, Tuesday.  

Accra is 5 hours ahead, during daylight savings it is 4.  If my bags get off the plane early, I can be out of customs and immigration in 30 minutes and hopefully to the school by 12:30 or 1pm.  The high in Ghana for Tuesday is forecasted at 93*. 

The moment I anticipate and cherish the most is rounding the corner of the entrance of the compound in Kissemah where we have the school and seeing the children.  I normally go to each class area and greet the teacher and then shake hands and personally greet all the children.  The flood of joy in my heart during those moments I am not able to put into words. 

Maddie Louise checking out the packing