Mar 25, 2014


Monday we did not have school.

Not sure how I got this, but I stayed in the volunteer quarters with a fever, running stomach and a full complete body ACHE. I felt like I had been run over by a truck.

It is now 4:10pm and I feel much better.

I am taking all the meds that I brought with me for these symptoms.

If I had fever chills Kwame said he would take me to La Paz Clinic for a simple blood test to see if I have Malaria; however I don't have any chills, sweats, cold or hot episodes, and my fever seems to have gone down.

The power just went off so I don't know when I will post this. It is now 4:10pm on Monday.

The children are back in school tomorrow - Tuesday and WED my last two days in Kissemah.

It is now Tuesday morning and my fever is gone and I feel better. Three children did not come to school today, due to illness. Stefan has been sick for two days and Ceci said she did not feel well yesterday afternoon.

Something is going around for sure.