Mar 19, 2014

Mawuvio's Excursion

Today is Wednesday March 19th, 2014.

It is shy of 3pm and the temperature is 91* degrees in Accra, the humidity is 62% . We had overcast skies in the morning, which made most of the excursion outing a bit cool.

The trotos arrived at the school in Kissemah right on time, 9:15am. The children were very excited so it did not take very long to get them loaded up and ready to go. Teacher Francis tracked who was in what troto and each child was assigned a seat mate that they would confirm was sitting next to them on the way home. The message during assembly, "everybody who goes has to come back".

We left Kissemah around 9:30am. It took about 55 minutes to get to the area of Accra where the presidential Mausoleum and Museum are located and the children in the troto I was in sang for about 50 of those minutes. They were excited, they clapped and sang and sang. Their eyes focused on everything outside of the troto. Some of them interested in the billboards, Ghana has very large bright colorful advertisements and the placement of some are right next to the road. I took a few photos to share. Some watching all the policemen or police women directing traffic at all that major intersections. And all of them keeping track of where the other troto was that was transporting the other 1/2 of the school. I had Tawfika from KG1 on my lap for a bit of they ride and then Grace, one of the ISEP volunteers, took her the rest of the way.

We arrived at the location and we were the only school excursion on the grounds, so we were escorted right away to the museum by a tour guide and he provided a 20 to 25 minute tour and detailed explanation of all the items that are on display at the museum. The tour guide did a great job of sharing lots of information with the children, he engaged them by having them repeat facts and names of people and countries he spoke about. The museum had AC and it was nice and cool during the tour. Again we were the only school on the grounds so we had the place all to ourselves.

Once we were done with the tour inside, the guide took us to the mausoleum which is outside and explained how many times Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had been buried, he died in Romania. He was buried there, then his body was brought to his native village in Ghana for some years and then finally to the national resting place in Accra where his body and his wife's body are buried.

The history of his life is very interesting and compelling. I will post a link to a bio if you are interested in knowing more about him. He studied at Lincoln University in the US, University of Pennsylvania and got his doctorate at the London School of Economics. His wife, Fathia, was from Egypt.

After the mausoleum tour was over, the guide took us to see the car of the president and it was an awesome light blue old old Cadillac. I will post photo, it was a model from the 1960's. The fins HUGE !

After the tour was officially over the children got to run around the grounds of the national park - there are lots of trees and two large fountains. There are some peacocks on the property those were of interest to some of the children. And of course we had the trip to the bathroom, that is always an experience with the large group of children.

We had Pure water bags and King Crackers for the children - so they could snack a bit on the way home. The troto ride back was 20 minutes and Madam Ceci had lunch waiting for them when we arrived at the school.

It was a great day for the school. This is the 3rd excursion, in 2012 we did Aburi Gardens, in 2013, the Kotoka Airport and this year the Kwame Nkrumah resting place and museum.

Thanks to the group of people from the Comcast Central Division, colleagues of my dear friend, Debbie Hornbeak, who provided the funds for the transportation, entry fee and snacks. Mawuvio's greatly appreciates your support.

As I tell the children every time I am in Ghana, among the Mawuvio's Student Body - somewhere among one of the classes, we have one of the future presidents of Ghana.