Mar 12, 2014

Lilian Update

Today when school was out at 2:30pm I went with Lilian via trotro to her house in Westlands. She lives about a 5 minute car ride, the trotro is the public transport, passenger vans, the cost from Kissemah to Lilian's house 70 peswas - which is 35 cents.

The trotro mate yells out the final route destination out of the passenger window, that is how you know what troto to take. On the way there we took the HATCHO trotro and on the way back I took the troto headed to Achimota Station.

Lilian is doing well. Her senior sister, Belinda is home for mid term exam days off. It was great to spend quiet time with both of them. I also visited with Lilian's MOM, Doreen. Lilian's family shares a house with another family; the house is a cement cinder block home under construction. The house is all open, no running water or electricity. Lilian has a younger brother, Eric, who is 5 and a baby brother, Paniel, who turned 1 on February 19th. They have a large open covered patio type area, someone in the house sells bread and water. A few people came to the house to purchase some while I was there.

I reviewed the test results that Lilian had a Korlebu in late January. The paperwork says the patient should come back for one more x-ray and lab tests in three months. The lab test was called retroviral and the results were marked NEGATIVE.

Lilian's Mom was extremely thankful and welcomed me to Ghana and said I could come over anytime to visit.

I am off to my volunteer quarters for a tiny break and then will visit with Ceci in the back area before dinner.