Mar 21, 2014


Posting this Friday morning, Ghana time.

Yesterday we had lights out all day, from 9am to well into the night. I went to sleep around 10pm and the power was still out. This morning we have power.

The compound takes on a different personality when there we have LIGHTS OUT. When it got dark around 6:30pm everyone was outside of their units in the compound and I mean EVERYONE.

No power, no fans, and the compound is built of cement cinder blocks, so inside is not good when there is lights out. Kwame has a generator that powers some lights around the compound for safety - and all of the children gathered around those lights. One is outside of my unit and the other two doors down, so I was in great company all night long.

I went out for a bit to see what the kids were doing. If I remember correctly about 8pm, Stefan, Reginald, Nicholas, Vivian, David, Michael, Ben, Leslie and Elsie were all gathered around a portable DVD player watching a movie. I am not sure what movie they were watching, but they were all quiet and that was good. All of those children range in ages from about 7 or 8 to 12 years old. Two of them sitting on the wooden bench watching the movie butt naked - it was that hot. Another two were in their under pants. They all feel right at home in the courtyard of the compound and indeed sometimes they are all one collective big family.

Friday and Monday we don't have school, we are closed for midterm break. All of the Ghana schools have 2 days per term designated for this. The Mawuvio's school Term 2 will run right up to the week before Easter. There is then national days off for everyone: Thursday and Friday and Monday of the Easter Weekend, so again all the schools, government offices, etc. are closed. Many people travel to areas outside Accra during the long weekends.

I am typing this update in my room, it is now 6:45am. I will go to the school office at the front of the compound and post before I go have my breakfast in the back with Ceci.

Because I have been able to get all the major action items completed that I had outlined for this visit - I am headed back to Atlanta a few days early.

I leave next WED at 10pm and arrive in Atlanta mid-day on Thursday March 27th.

I am looking forward to seeing Maddie and Morgan. I have not been able to Facetime with them, but I have spoken to them on the phone twice.