Mar 21, 2014

ISEP Volunteers

I want to do a shout out for all the young people of the world, and by young I mean - young adults who are in their years of study in universities across the world. I specifically want to do a SHOUT OUT to the young adults of the world who are taking time during their studies to do something significant to impact the broader world, the world beyond what they know, what they are comfortable with, their language, their surroundings.

This term we have a group of college students who are at the University of Ghana with the International Student Exchange Program, ISEP; they are Alex, Micah, Grace, Nikki and Charlotte. I will include their full names and the schools they are attending in the US in a separate post.

They come to the school in Kissemah 2 days a week and support 4 of the classes, they actually teach some of the lesson plans and they also tutor students who need extra support in a particular subject. Micah stays 2 days a week to continue the music program that Kaia Duke had in place with Teacher Austine and Teacher Lawrenda.

Grace Bronson went with us on the school excursion yesterday. It was refreshing to learn about her goals and aspirations once she has graduated. All of the volunteers are high energy and all are doing a great job with the classes they are supporting. The children benefit greatly by the exposure to different people that support the school from all over the world.

Thanks to Alex, Micah, Charlotte, Nikki and Grace for your support of Mawuvio's during Term 2. We appreciate your time with the students and teachers of Mawuvio's.