Mar 11, 2014

I made it

I arrived in Ghana at 10:30am, 30 minutes ahead of schedule. The flight was quiet and smooth. My seat mate in 13B, Thomas, was a character. He boarded the plane with a mini bar, a Subway dinner and a carry on full of snacks. He had his own Happy Hour before the plane took off from New York. I have to give him credit he was prepared. He had a deep voice, very soft spoken, kind of like James Earl Jones. And thanks to all the travel angels, he did not snore. I slept about 8 hours, I am getting much better at the boarding, settling in and sleeping routine.

Accra is hot, sunny and breezy this afternoon. I got to the school right before the end of the lunch break. I sat in with all the classes, greeted all the teachers and spoke individually to as many of the children as I could. Class One is missing Victor and Joyline and Elijah had some type of gash on his head. Lilian looks healthy, the Lilian I remember before she got sick. All the girls in class one have beautiful smiles: Akos, Shalome, Florence, Grace Mary, Abil, Angela and Lilian. It is so good to see them all.

I went to the back and greeted Madam Ceci, she said all is going well. I brought her some fancy tea, books for her brother and a photo book of pictures I've taken over the course of my visits. It is always good to see Ceci.

I got all the suitcases unpacked and took a 45 minute nap. Stefan got home from school around 4:30, it was great to see him. He got the phone set up and charging for me. He also went to the house store on the next street to get some Alvaros.

All the MOM's in the compound greeted and welcome me, the children smiled. Right now I am typing this in the volunteer room and the family next door is out cooking dinner, little Godsway's family. They are the ladies who have the food to go stand set up at the front of the compound.

When I first got here and I sat in all the classes, I had one of those out of body experiences. I felt right at home as I was focusing intently on what the teachers were presenting or explaining and I kept thinking over and over, the children are really learning, they are truly benefitting from the school on the patio, the school on the porch.

I am happy to be here.