Mar 5, 2014


When I was in Ghana last year, I documented most days, the three or four items that I was grateful for that specific day based on what had or had not transpired. 

- friends, friends, friends 
- overhead fan 
- peanut butter
- airplanes 

I've reviewed the list several times and it always reminds me that being grateful is indeed like exercise. Gratitude like physical activity should be routine, daily and accomplished with intent and purpose. 

- my Parents
- a cold Alvaro
- God 
- the lady in the compound who sang so beautiful last night 

The appreciation for what we know matters in our lives: family, friends, people that help us along the way, places we visit, GOD, nature, animals, experience, imagination, health, wonder, adventure, is key to who we are and what brings joy our beating hearts. 

_ Kaia, the ISEP volunteer
_ iPAD 
_ electricity
_ My sister, Ana

I looked up the word gratitude in my voluminous Oxford Dictionary and was delighted with part of the definition: a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.  If we could all have the readiness present in our lives everyday, the world would be a better place for sure.   

_ the lovely evening rain that visited today 
_ patience
_ Cindy 
_ Stefan's friendship 

I also chuckled when I noticed the word GRATITUDE in the dictionary preceeded by the word, GRATIS. My Grandpa Rogelio, from the earliest days of my childhood in Panama, always taught us, Las gracias son gratis.  He taught us that giving thanks was one the simplest yet one of the most powerful gestures shared between human beings.  I remember he never left our house after long stays in the US without leaving handwritten Thank You notes hiding in places like the vegetable drawer, the pantry or tucked under pillows or in dresser drawers.  When Grandpa traveled back to Panama, you always knew he would show up for days via the simple handwritten notes of gratitude.  Indeed it is without cost that we can smile, shake a hand, pat someone on the back, write a note, send an email, make a phone call. It is indeed without cost we can thank God, the stars and all the angels that light our  paths. 

- fresh pineapple 
- face wipes
- the full bucket of water Ceci keeps in the bathroom  
- all the angels that light my path 

I've shared the Louie Schwartzberg Gratitude video before and I will continue to do so over the years. Please bookmark the URL and take time to watch it. It is 6 minutes and 9 seconds worth your time and your readiness to experience gratitude.  When you are ready click and bookmark the URL below. 

Thanks to my dear friend, Jenell, for sending the link to this video 2 or 3 years ago.  Thanks to everyone in my life who reminds me that the gratitude is indeed an action we are all capable of everyday. 

- my health 
- Trader Joe's Peppermint Soap 
- silence 
- Madam Ceci 

For Gratitude Video Click Here