Mar 21, 2014


It is about 7pm, the temperature is low 90*s, there is a strong breeze at the top of the hill where we are in Kissemah.

Today was quiet. No school.

Kwame and myself and Teachers Austine, Francis and Martins, went to Afram Publications to check out their selection of children's textbooks. We had a nice visit with 2 of their representatives, they answered all of our questions and gave us a price schedule of all the text books they sell.

I also went to the University of Ghana bookstore, they carry a wide selection of primary school text books, I wanted to get the names of other publishers in Ghana.

I also got a display ready for the PTA meeting tomorrow with pictures of the new school. Meeting is at 9:30am tomorrow.

I was just in the kitchen area with Ceci and Stefan. It is very cool back there, my favorite spot in the compound. Tonight for dinner I had tilapia, plantains, veggies and the always wonderful red sauce. Stefan and I celebrated Friday with two very cold Alvaro's. Ceci said she had too much water to drink today, she will save her Alvaro for Saturday.

The children are all out playing in the compound. The giggles and little footsteps back and forth are loud. They usually last until about 9pm on Friday nights and then the evening will quiet.

We have POWER right now ~ I hope it stays on for the night.