Mar 15, 2014


6:00am Up with the chickens and some of the families showering in the back area behind the volunteer quarters getting ready for work. Or children getting ready for school.

7:00am Out of bed, got ready for the day. Not sure why I got up the 15 minutes extra early, but it ended up being a good move.

7:20am Some of the children came to my door and said Pastor Belinda had arrived with her friend, Michele. I am glad I was dressed. They were supposed to arrive at 9am; the early arrival worked out great as I knew this would get the program for the full morning on schedule and that we would complete the praise and worship and sermon and the dancing HAPPY video shoot all by lunch time and indeed we did.

Pastor Belinda shared a wonderful message about Peter and his walk on water and having faith and always walking with or towards Jesus. It was much more eloquent than what I am describing at the same time she communicated in ways the children could understand and appreciate even the KG1 students.

She had a small Q&A session with the children, they asked how long she'd been a pastor, her favorite verses in the bible and also a question about how hold you had to be to be able to do what Peter did when he got out of the boat, onto the water and walked towards Jesus in the middle of the sea.

After the sermon was over the children did a few dance numbers in the BO BO BO tradition with the drums and signing and clapping. They also did a choreographed dance to a contemporary song, I don't remember the title. And then we shot footage for the HAPPY song video. We then had the lunch break, today they had a full hour of recesses.

Madam Ceci has fresh pineapple for me everyday, she puts the dish in the freezer just in time for the pineapple chunks to get really really cold. I look forward to the sweet and juicy pineapple chunks everyday. The pineapples are relatively small and the fruit color is a plate white, not yellow in color like I am used to getting at the Buford Farmer's Market in Atlanta.

After lunch we watched the pilot interview video I brought with me. 21 children raised their hands (out of 60) when I asked how many wanted to be a pilot. I wanted to be sure those sat closer to the TV so they could hear all the great information that Terry McBride shared. We had discussion after the video, we reviewed some of the information that Terry spoke of in the interview, most of them were very interested and enjoyed meeting Terry via the DVD. They really liked the photos of the Gulfstream V and the Cessna III plane with floats.

After school was out we had a short teachers meeting and then I came to the room and rested under the overhead fan on speed 2 for 90 minutes. I was back in the office around 3:30pm catching up on emails and also checking the video clips I had taken of the children, they did a great job.

I was in the back kitchen area with Ceci and Stefan at 5pm and enjoyed a refreshing Passion Fruit Alvaro. Tonight for dinner we had a salad which is always delicious, everything fresh from the market today. And chicken, rice, plantains and the red secret sauce.

It is now about 7pm, I am in the volunteer room typing this on my iPad I will send later tonight or first thing in the morning. The compound is hoping. It is the universal day at the end of the week, Friday, Friday, Friday !

There is almost a full moon over Accra, there is a cool breeze outside and all of the MOM's are out cooking and/or doing laundry or both. The children are running to and fro, every so often one gets a spanking so you hear crying, some are skipping, jumping, it is definitely Friday night. Pamela's MOM, I don't know her name is sitting about 10 feet from my door talking ever so joyfully on her cell phone which is on speaker, we all feel part of the conversation. She is speaking in Ewe so I have no idea what they are saying, the sounds are happy.

My front door is open, I have a screen door and screen window, I am right in the middle of much of what is going on. Our end of the compound is more active. I have families with children on both sides of my unit, directly across in the corner and directly across from the courtyard on the other side of the mango tree. Most of the time on Fridays and Saturdays because the children are young the compound quiets by 9 or 9:30pm. And I am good with that.

Tomorrow I am driving to DODOWA with Teacher Lawrenda. We are going to visit her sister and her brother in law. They have lived in DODOWA for 9 years; this area is 10 kilometers from the new school in Ayikumah. The purpose of the visit, to ask questions about the area. Questions about services, markets, housing, hotels, transportation, churches, other schools in the area, any major business and government offices, areas of interest that may be nearby, what the seasons are like, etc. etc. Overall objective to get to know the area from the perspective of someone who has lived there for some time. We are scheduled to leave by 8am and should be back by 12pm.

The children have a soccer match I think against another school at 3pm tomorrow. I plan to walk to the soccer field and check that out. I also need to get all the uniforms that I brought from Atlanta sorted by size so we can distribute to the children on Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks to all who've sent email messages or FB posts. I appreciate your company. At tiny bit of home is always in between the lines. Hopefully on Sunday I can have a Facetime session with the best Corgi girls in the world, Maddie Louise and Morgan Sofia.