Mar 2, 2014

Did You Know ~

I figure from now until I am at least 85 I have to work and focus on keeping my brain functioning on all cylinders; I know everything will slow down, the question is how much slower ? And when do you go from knowing that slow is coming, to the actual day when you know the cylinders are not on full speed. 

I am 140 days into this new life chapter of over 10,000 days. Because I have TIME to read, explore, discover, entertain, try new things, I decided to get a book that I saw posted on Facebook. Thanks to the sale of used books on Amazon, I got Jean Carper's book for $3.98.  

Excerpt from Chapter 8 

"For over forty years scientist have known that brains racked by Alzheimers are typically short on the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, essential for forming memories and learning. There is a drug called Aricept that is designed to stimulate nerve cells to produce more of acetylcholine. 

I learned a few days ago that nature has it own version of Aricept, apple juice. Studies show that apple juice hypes acetylcholine by supplying antioxidants, mainly, quercetin, that prevent damage to neurons from free-radical chemicals.  Also studies indicate that apple juice may influence curbing the brain build up of beta-amyloid deposits responsible for bringing on Alzheimers." 

The book sites all the studies, provides websites where you can go read additional information on the studies, and has a great summary chapter that ties many of the 100 simple things together. 

Some of the simply things I am already doing ~ 

1_  Keep your balance 
2_  Say Yes to Coffee
3_  Go Crazy for Cinnamon
4_  Avoid inactivity
5_  Practice Meditation
6_  Do Something New 
7_  Keep Mentally Active 
8_  Drink Tea 
9_  Eat Spinach 

You can find all the information on the book at