Mar 24, 2014

6:55am ~ Monday

We were visited by the most wonderful, sweet rain this morning. Announced by strong sister winds, people knew it was coming, buckets and basins where placed strategically to collect water. Coal pots were moved under roofs.

The rain was coming down sideways, the sounds of the drops on the zinc roofs faint, then when the winds lessened and the rain was not being whipped around, the zinc roofs became a loud choir for nature's song.

I woke up at 5:15am - my stomach has been queasy for two days. I took some meds without reading the label and there is warning, MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS - and indeed I fell fast asleep, I woke up at 7:45am and I am still groggy. At the same time the nausea and queasy feeling are gone. It is a perfect day to sleep in.

The fan has been off since I woke up at 5am, the rain is still coming down. Soon we will have sun and the compound will dry quickly. The tiny breeze crossing the volunteer unit (I have the front door open) is cool enough to be significantly different - and cool enough to enjoy. It reminds me of when it rained hard in El Valle or Arriajan in Panama.

Cecilia one of the Mom's across the compound took advantage of the heavy rains and cleaned the patio cement area leading to her family's housing unit. Cecilia sweeps everyday. Her children are Reginald, Nicholas and Vivian.

Kwame and I pushed back our departure time to 10am. Stefan called me from the main house, he is not going to school today. He says is back is "paining" all over. I will check on him later this morning.

The rain has stopped, I think I can see the sun working its way back to brighten the day and dry the dusty red roads of Kissemah.